Beyond ACAS

Prepare now for the evolution in IT security: Tenable’s SecurityCenter Continuous View

With SecurityCenter Continuous View, you can increase your IT security power and move beyond ACAS compliance by incorporating the comprehensive solution's full array of platform capabilities.

With Tenable’s SecurityCenter Continuous View™ (SecurityCenter CV), you know that all of your IT security investments are working and protecting the mission.

With Tenable's SecurityCenter CV solutions, you deploy:

  • Continuous network monitoring – See everything – all assets, devices, vulnerabilities, weak configurations, malware, and indicators of compromise – In the IT environment, nonstop, with greater focus and speed.
  • Advanced analytics – Automation and Assurance Report Cards (ARCs) enable prioritization of vulnerability and threat response.
  • Critical context – With depth and clarity of data, you can focus on critical data that matters most, and act—fast.

Scale Your ACAS Solution to Continuous Assurance

SecurityCenter CV is the only solution that brings together unique sensors for vulnerability scanning (Nessus), passive network monitoring (Passive Vulnerability Scanner 10GB) and event data (Log Correlation Engine), and augments them with up-to-date vulnerability and threat intelligence information.

Solution ACAS Provided
Nessus Professional No
Nessus Manager No No
Nessus Agents No, but recommended
Nessus (Scanners controlled by SecurityCenter) Yes
1GB Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS) Yes
10GB Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS) No, but recommended
Log Correlation Engine (LCE) No, but recommended
SecurityCenter Yes
SecurityCenter Continuous View No, but recommended

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